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Built on Quality and Workmanship

Blade specializes in providing specific services for the life
cycle of the well with the expertise of our experienced Team and reliable equipment.

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Decommissioning and Demolition

Our turnkey operations provide for the entire decommissioning cycle, on time and on budget. Our Down-hole and Earthworks units and Environmental Liability Managers work with your preferred Environmental consultants to provide guidance and cost saving recommendations where available.


Remediation & Reclamation

We are full-cycle decommissioning experts that can tailor your remediation and reclamation requirements with our in-house environmental liability managers and earthworks services.

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Pipeline/Vessel Maintenance & Abandonment

Our qualified personnel and reliable equipment provide innovative and cost effective solutions catered specifically to your project.


Fluid Hauling

We continually invest in our modern fleet to ensure reliability. Our experienced drivers have operated in some of the most challenging terrains safely and efficiently and are encouraged to always find ways to do things better. That’s our job and promise to you – to do things better.


Hydrovac Services

Our DOT coded units provide non-destructive ground disturbance with high pressure water jetting and powerful vacuum systems.



Blade’s experienced personnel operate Cats, Rubber Tired Hoes, Skid Steers and Graders. We take pride in our ability to efficiently turnkey projects.

Our Services


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Demolition blade services

Fluid Hauling

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Hot Shot

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Blade operates a 2017 F550 with 32 x 10’ trailer for hauling of all loads up to 25,000 lbs. Blade operates local or long distance 24/7.

We Keep Our Promises

We are proud of our people, program and equipment. As Blade continues to exude its standards of safety and quality, we are a ready-to-go operator. With our modern fleet of equipment – We Deliver.

Being a contributing member of the communities in which we operate is among the core values of Blade Energy Services. We aim to make positive, lasting impacts.

Blade Canada

Why Choose Blade

Blade Energy Services is passionate about the health of Canada’s oil and gas industry. We are working in conjunction with industry associations to lobby provincial and federal governments. We believe that financial and regulatory changes will help to attract capital and restore vitality to this tremendous national economic engine. We are proud of what we do and look forward to working with you.

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Safety isn’t just a precautionary measure at Blade Energy Services, it is a key responsibility enforced by every employee. Together we make sure safety is embedded in every decision.


At Blade Energy Services, consistent quality is the result of team expertise, well maintained equipment, up-to-date technology and our customer service priority.


Blade Energy Service’s extensive industry knowledge enables us to provide satisfactory solutions for your projects, no matter how complex.



Blade Energy Service’s team is comprised of seasoned experts prioritizing safety, efficiency, precision and customer service. Our goal is to customize services for every project and deliver the best solution for your needs.



Top-of-the-line, well maintained equipment operated by experienced staff allows Blade Energy Services to deliver superior services with quality results.


Being a contributing member of the communities in which we operate is among the core values of Blade Energy Services. We aim to make positive, lasting impacts. We are keenly support junior sports teams in our operating communities.

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